Part 1: The Bones of a Character (Scene Study)

Summary: Over these first 18hrs, the artist will learn how to interpret a script to find a solid grounding for character creation. They will learn everything they wanted to know about tablework; what is efficient and what isn’t efficient.

Result: The artist will leave with a comprehensive method to digest scripts and performance texts intended for future performance.

Techniques PRESENTED:

Stanislavsky Spine Theory, Clurman Perspectives, Brechtian Episodic (Dialectical) Structure, Richard Schechner Ritual Performance, Meyerhold Biomechanics

Upcoming Offerings:

Toronto Aug 12,13,19 6PM-10PM

Toronto Sept 30, Oct.7,14 Mondays, 6PM-10PM.

Cost: $160 plus HST, $120 plus HST for CAEA members.